The Sleep-N-Pack Is a Slumber Party Game-Changer

Do you want to change the way you travel for good? Are you ready for a whole new camping and slumber party experience? Then you’re ready for the Sleep-N-Pack. 

This revolutionary sleeping bag is far more than meets the eye. Not only is it designed for the ultimate in warmth and comfort when you need to sleep on the ground, but it’s also designed to be beyond convenient. That’s because this isn’t your average sleeping bag. It’s a sleeping bag and backpack all-in-one.

The Sleep-N-Pack was created with one goal: to make sleeping bags better. No longer do you have to struggle with an unwieldy roll that falls apart quickly and wastes room. Now, your sleeping bag is part of the solution. 

This two-in-one pack includes three zipper storage pockets to hold all your essentials.

  • The main zipper is large enough to hold clothes and other gear.
  • The two upper zippers are smaller, but perfect for storing phones, accessories, flashlights, books, and more.

And the Sleep-N-Pack by mimish doesn’t just roll into the standard bundle of inconvenience. It’s folded into an infinitely usable backpack that you can sling over your shoulders and be on your way.


Where should you use the Sleep-N-Pack?


We love to enjoy the great outdoors, but every serious camping adventure requires a lot of essentials that can make the experience less enjoyable. The Sleep-N-Pack helps you cut back on the extra crap, so you have just what you need. 

By transforming your sleeping bag into a backpack. You can take care of your clothes, toiletries, and sleeping all at once. This can save space in your car or hiking backpack for other essential such as cooking supplies and emergency gear.

Plus, the sleeping bag is perfect for almost any outdoor situation. It’s rated for temperatures down to 37F with a comfort rating of 50F. And if the weather refuses to cooperate, don’t worry. The sleeping bag comes with draw cords for the hood, so you can bundle yourself up as much as possible. And the quilt construction gets rid of cold spots and offers a water repellant and moisture resistant construction. 


If you have kids, you know that sleepovers are a must! The only problem is that finding space for ten sleeping bags and backpacks can be a struggle, no matter how much room you have in your house. That’s where the Sleep-N-Pack changes the rules.

For a one-night sleepover, the Sleep-N-Pack can carry everything you need. There’s no need for a separate bag to carry your essentials. The large zipper compartment has plenty of room to carry pajamas, tomorrow’s clothes, and even an extra pair of shoes. And the two small compartments can carry everything else.

Use one small compartment to carry all your bathroom essentials like a toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush, face wash, and more. Then, use the other zipper to carry a flashlight, technology, and anything else you need.

Sleep Away Camp 

And as you prepare for summer, don’t forget the Sleep-N-Pack as part of your must-have items for your child’s experience at Sleep Away Camp. Almost every kid dreams of going somewhere fun for summer, away from their parents and with their friends, and camp is the perfect opportunity.

But, as a parent, we understand how hard it can be to let go. With the Sleep-N-Pack your anxiety can be a little less because you know your kid has a comfortable place to sleep and a backpack that can serve them on every adventure at camp. 

The all-in-one design helps ensure that nothing is ever forgotten because everything goes together and fits perfectly. Your kid will be the talk of camp with one bag that does everything they could need.

Travel on a Budget

If you’re trying to travel on a budget, the first place you’re going to cut money is on your accommodations. The problem is that this can mean that you’ll find yourself in some run down and questionable locations, where cleanliness isn’t the highest priority.

The Sleep-N-Pack is a space-conscious way to ensure that you always have a fresh, clean, and comfortable place to sleep, no matter if you’re staying in a hostel or on someone’s couch. It can even help you make up for a lack of blankets and bed linens, saving you money.

When traveling, it’s also important to be as comfortable as you can be no matter where you are. Sleeping is especially hard on moving transportation. With the Sleep-N-Pack by mimish, you can wrap yourself in a cocoon no matter if you’re on a bus, train, or plane. It’s the best way to stay warm and comfortable, no matter where you are.

And if you can cut down on your suitcase real-estate by packing a few spare sets of clothes and toiletries in your sleeping bag, you can save money on plan extras such as check-in luggage. This can be a huge game changer when you’re trying to travel light.

Music Festivals 

Whether you’ve always wanted to go to Burning Man or you’ve never missed a year at Coachella, the Sleep-N-Pack is perfect for you. The whole point of a music festival is the experience, and that means you need to be on the grounds and in the thick of it as long as possible. No breaks for hotels for you.

The Sleep-N-Pack is the perfect option for bringing your sleep with you, even in the middle of a mosh pit. And because it’s also a handy backpack, it’s the perfect option for traveling light. The most ridiculous thing you could do at a music festival is pack a suitcase. Instead, you need just enough room for a few essentials and a change of clothes and you’re set. 

The Sleep-N-Pack is perfect for both the desert and the middle of the woods. Wherever you need it; it’s there for you. If you’re ready to change the way you sleep when you’re not at home, then you’re ready for the Sleep-N-Pack. Check it out today.