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General FAQ:

1. How long will it take to receive my order?  

Answer: Your order will arrive in 7 – 9 business days. We offer free ground shipping on all orders within the U.S.

2. Do your products come with a warranty?

Answer: We stand behind everything we sell, so we’ve made returns easy. If you experience problems, we will be happy to solve them for you. Please phone us at TBD or email TBD…

3. My product arrives damaged.  What do I do?

Please phone us at TBD or email TBD… and we will help to either repair or return and replace the damaged item at no additional cost to you.

4. What is your return policy?

Answer: Not Satisfied? If you want to return an item, you are responsible for all shipping costs. You may return new, unused, and resalable items for a refund. Simply return the item in its original product packaging within 15 days of delivery. Once the returned product is received in new and unused resalable condition, you will be refunded for the purchase amount within 7 business days.

5. What stores sell your products?

Answer: mimish products are currently only available to wholesale customers. Please come back soon for a list of brick and mortar stores and ecommerce retailers.

6. Do you do custom orders if the customer provides the fabric?

Answer: Sorry, we do not offer this service. Our designers introduce new styles and fabrications each season - keep visiting our site for new products.  

7. Can you send fabric samples?

Answer: Yes, We offer fabric samples to wholesale retailers.

8. What are your shipping options?

Answer: We offer free Ground shipping for every purchase that will be delivered within 7-9 business days. Expedited or Express shipping is available for an extra fee.

9. Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Answer: No, currently we deliver within the U.S.

10. Who can I call with questions about my order?

Answer: We are happy to help answer any questions about your order

11. What is the most secure way to pay?

Answer: TBD - something about security and encryption here

12. Where are your products made?

Answer: Our products are made with care in China

13. If an item is out of stock, what happens?

Answer: Send us an email and we will let you know when your preferred item will be back in stock and we can also provide a recommendation of an in-stock item based on your selection.

14. How do I cancel an order?

Answer: You can email us at TBD…

15. Are your products fireproof? 

Answer: All mimish products are carefully tested to meet and exceed U.S. Safety Standards for flammability, suffocation, lead, pthalates, etc. We ship products that are safe for kids and families. (NOTE: actual safety standards here)

16. What makes your product line different from thousands of similar products?

Answer: Our products are design and utility patented. They are unique in the marketplace because they are crafted with design and function in mind.

17. What is the purpose of the grommet on your products?

Answer: When we invented our first Storage Bean Bag, we used grommets for ventilation and product safety. The grommet soon became part of our brand DNA. We’ve added the mimish grommet to our extended product line as a design detail, and it is still a functional part of our Original Storage Beanbag design. Keep a look-out for new and innovative ways we will incorporate the mimish grommet in the latest products.

18. Do you offer discounts on large orders?

Answer: Yes, please contact

19. Can products be personalized with a logo or child's name?

Answer: Not at this time.

Questions about the specific products:

Storage Beanbags

1.  How do I wash the storage beanbag?

Answer: Each Storage Beanbag will arrive with care instructions. You may spot clean outer fabric with a gentle cloth and cold water. (TBD)

2. What is the best way to remove stains on the storage beanbag?

Answer: Spot clean only. Always test a soap or detergent on a small area that is not easily visible before applying.

3. What kind of fabric is used for the storage beanbag?  Is it water resistant?

Answer: We develop several fabrics for our storage bean bags. Our core fabric is cotton canvas. They are not water resistant, they are for indoor use. 

4. What are the "beans" that are used to stuff the beanbag?

Answer: Each design has a special mix of virgin eps beads and shredded foam.

5. Does the beanbag stuffing compress with use?  How do I replace the stuffing?

Answer: If your storage bean bag seems flat, fluff up the top half by patting or turn it upside down for a few minutes. You can also refill the beans. There is a small zipper inside on the top half of the bean bag. Use a safety pin to open, add your refill beans. NOTE: We recommend ONLY ADULTS refill the storage bean bags.

6. Is the beanbag comfortable for adults?

Answer: Yes! They are comfortable and useful for adults, teens and children. They are designed for all ages.

7. How durable is the storage beanbag?  I can imagine my two toddlers jumping on it for fun!

Answer: Our storage bean bags are strong and durable. They are reinforced with high quality stitching and the cylindrical part on the bottom is formed and reinforced with 1/4" thick foam

8. Can my storage beanbag be used outdoors?

Answer: Our storage bean bags are developed for indoor use.

9. Are storage beanbags recommended for pets?

Answer: Yes, our pets love the storage bean bags! Please keep in mind, If a pet “accident” happens, you should replace all of the beans.


1.  How do I wash the storage pillow?

Answer: Spot Clean only

2. What kind of fabric is used for the storage pillow?  Is it water resistant?

Answer: We use cotton for mimish storage pillows. They are not water resistant.

3. What material is used to stuff the pillows?

Answer: Storage Pillows are stuffed with polyfill Doll Cotton. 

4. Why did you put storage pockets in pillows?  What do you suggest can be stored?

Answer: The storage pockets are a fun detail with zippers that come in pop colors, keeping with our brand messaging of Fill It, Zip It.... You can store just about any small item you’d like to hideaway or keep close: smart phone, journal, book, toothbrush for a sleepover, mini-figures, etc

Storage Bins

1. How durable are the storage bins?

Answer: They are very durable, made from a heavy canvas fabric woven specifically for mimish storage bins.

2. What is the best way to remove stains on the storage bin?

Answer: Spot Clean surface

3. What kind of fabric is used for the storage bin?  

Answer: It is a heavy weight canvas, woven specifically for mimish. The textured surface gives it an edgy utility-feel, the fun colors make it stylish and elevated. The zippers, added pockets  and grommet detail tie the designs into our brand collection.