This Amazing Storage Furniture Will Change Parent's Lives!

Are you tired of stuff scattered all around your house? Are you desperate for an easy way to put toys, books, and clothes away that doesn’t require more closets? You need storage furniture.

Storage furniture is exactly what it sounds like. It’s furniture that doubles as an extra storage container.

What does this mean? It means that you can add a seating area to your child’s room and at the same time, add a place to put away dozens of stuffed animals. It’s the ideal solution for any home with or without children.

Types of Storage Furniture

At mimish, we know everything there is to know about creating multi-functional storage furniture. Everything we sell is designed with livability in mind because we know space is at a premium in every home and you deserve a better solution. 

It’s for that reason we’ve made many different storage solutions. Two of our favorite solutions that we consider “child storage furniture” are our storage beanbag and storage lounger.

Storage Beanbag

Storage beanbags are exactly what they sound like. They’re beanbags that hide a huge storage compartment in the base. It’s perfect for putting away stuffed animals, books, crafts, shoes, clothes, and more. And once everything is put away, the beanbag is usable as a comfortable and fun place to sit.

Storage Lounger

Similar to the beanbag, mimish’s storage lounger is the ideal option for older kids or parents. Made to cradle you comfortably—even providing a backrest—the storage lounger makes a great seat for studying, reading to your kids, or lounging while playing video games. Best yet, it has plenty of space in the bottom to hide away a dresser drawer full of stuff.

How to Use Storage Furniture?

So, what exactly can you use mimish’s storage furniture for? There are endless possibilities, particularly if you have kids. We’ve collected our favorite uses for our storage furniture but, truthfully, how you use it is only limited by your imagination.


Do you have a craft room that’s packed floor to ceiling with pens, papers, scissors, fabric, flowers, and more? Are you running out of room? Do you need more help getting organized? That’s where craft storage furniture from mimish can help.

In particular, our mini, medium, large, and extra large storage bins provide endless opportunities for putting your crafts away. Each bin comes with a pocket or two on the outside for extra organizational opportunities for small items. And the various sizes mean that you can get an extra large bin to hold your yards of fabric while a mini bin can sit on your craft table and hold your writing utensils.


As a parent, it can seem like there’s an endless cascade of toys, and they never get put away. Toy storage furniture from mimish makes it easier than ever to clean up. 

Using our beanbags or loungers, you can add extra storage space that’s at the perfect height for your kid to use. All they have to do is unzip the bottom of their new, favorite seat and throw their toys inside. Another quick zip, and viola! Toys are put away in just a few minutes and easy to take out again next time it’s time to play.


Whether you have too many winter coats and it is summer, or you stockpile shoes, it’s easy to have too many clothes and too little space. At mimish, that’s exactly what our storage furniture is made for. Simply fold up your winter clothes and hide them away in the lounger. Or, grab the shoes you don’t wear often, and throw them in the bottom of the beanbag. This way your clothes are still easy to access, but they’re put away—out of sight but not out of reach.


It’s easy to collect too many books and adding yet another bookshelf when you don’t have enough wall space is a bad idea. Instead, turn your favorite reading chair into a reading corner with all your books hidden in the base of the beanbag or lounger. Then, when you’re ready to read, simple choose your book before zipping your chair back closed and sitting down for a relaxing story time. 

Other items you can hide away in our storage furniture include:

  • Games
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Movies
  • Albums
  • And more… 

Discover how mimish’s storage furniture can change your home and life today.