Learn Why Clutter Hates Mimish [Functional Furniture for Organized Living!]

Do you have a lot of stuff? Unless you’ve somehow achieved a perfect state of minimalism, your answer is probably, unequivocally “Yes!”

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t take long to accumulate a house full of items. From clothes to memorabilia to gifts, it can seem like clutter appears overnight. One day our room is clean, the next day it’s exploding with outfits, shoes, jewelry, and items we haven’t seen for years.

What’s the solution? You could toss everything out and start fresh, or you could start using Mimish.

Clutter hates Mimish.


It’s functional furniture that helps you quickly and easily transform all your “stuff” into a useful chair or pillow. That means that you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to harmony.

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at the type of clutter that Mimish can make disappear.

The “Always Prepared” Clutter

pillow storageDoes the idea of sitting down without your phone or iPad within arm’s reach fill you with fear? Do you prefer keeping your essential knick-knacks wherever you are, but you hate filling up the side table with clutter? That’s where our multi-functional furniture pillows can help.

Our storage pillows mean that you never have to go without your must-have items again. Instead, just put everything you need in one of our handy, functional furniture pillows and keep your headphones and computer a breath away while also keeping them out of sight. This is perfect for those occasions when you have guests over, and you want your living room to look clutter-free, but you still want to be able to get at what you need.

The “Too Much of a Good Thing” Clutter

functional furnitureWe all have vices. Whether you’re a book lover or a shoe connoisseur, you know that the only time you have too much of a good thing is when it comes time to try to store everything. Unless you have a library in your home, hundreds of books aren’t just going to store themselves. That is unless you use Mimish’s functional storage furniture lounger and turn your seating into a bookshelf.

Our functional furniture lounger can hold dozens of books, shoes, shirts, games, blu-rays, and whatever else you love to collect. It doesn’t matter how much you own; our lounger takes what you can’t display and hides it inside of a seat. Now, you don’t have to explain your shoe obsession next time a friend comes over because the clutter will be gone.

The “I Love Toys” Clutter

toy storageIf you have kids, you know that it’s almost impossible to say no to more toys. It doesn’t matter if they already have 50 stuffed animals, if they see another favorite they’re going to want it. What’s a parent to do when there’s barely enough free space on the floor to walk? Turn to our Storage Beanbag, the perfect functional furniture for small spaces.

Mimish’s Beanbag chair lets you turn toys into a seating area. Buy two and create a cozy reading nook in your child’s bedroom while also providing a whole new way to keep toys put away. The best part is that the Beanbag is low to the ground and the zipper is easy to use, so your kids can put their own toys away without bothering you.

The “Guests Are Coming” Clutter

storage poufIf you’re like us, sometimes you don’t even realize that your home is full of clutter until it comes time to clean up for guests. Suddenly, it seems like there is junk everywhere. How did you become the owner of twenty TV controls and ten jackets that you never wear? There’s no need to stress. With Mimish’s functional furniture for small apartments Storage Pouf, all your regular junk is just a second away from being put away.

The Storage Pouf can sit unobtrusively in your living room waiting for the day that guests arrive. Then, in a flash, it can transform into another closet just for all those extra knick-knacks that clutter up your entryway, side tables, and shelves. Simply unzip the plush top and stow all your extra junk in the hidden base. Viola! Everything is spick and span for guests.

With functional furniture from Mimish, there’s never a reason to fear clutter. Instead, you can create dozens of small storage spaces throughout your home for a more harmonious life.