Fun and Flexible – Bean Bag Chairs are the Family's Friend

Have you ever had one of those moments where you see a cool product and think to yourself, 'Why didn't I think of that?'

Well, we hear that a lot when our friends see our stylish and colorful bean bag chairs in action. We say “in action” because mimish bean bag loungers or storage poufs offer way more than your other static piece of furniture.

Fun and Functional Bean Bags

The magic of our beanbag chairs is equally as convenient as it is exciting for babies and children. Cuddly animals, colorful bricks, toy cars, musical instruments, books and puzzles – the contents may change, but the list of items that you can store inside one of our bean bags will always expand.

Do you remember your favorite plaything as a child? Color and texture are everything to little kids, so why not give a gift that will bring joy to both your child and your home for years to come!

Mimish bean bags are designed to fit any living space. Some colors are bold and 'in your face' (e.g. hibiscus pink, aqua, surfer blue) while others are more subtle (e.g. cotton candy pink, software metallic). After all, every child is different and has their own originality to share!

The range of fabrics that are available are quite impressive too:

Plush, faux furs your children will absolutely love.

Durable, waterproof canvas for rough and tumble games – indoor or out.

Or even classic versatile cotton, easy to clean and gentle on sensitive skin.

Designed for Style and Convenience

Kids love the fact that they can get toys, games, clothes, sports equipment, and so much more out of their bean bags. Similarly, adults like the fact that we can pile everything back into the beanbag again at the end of the day.

Why sacrifice style and comfort for function when you don't have to? You can have both!  All mimish bean bag chairs and poufs double up as storage bean bags, containing a roomy zipped compartment. This is also standard on our bean bag loungers, storage pillows, floofs, and storage bins too. Check out our collections of 'artist' and 'dreamer' storage pillows to refresh your home with new functional storage furniture!

If you are on the hunt for a bean bag for an older child, we also recommend checking out our 'scientist' and 'naturalist' designs. Both collections offer incredible functionality alongside timeless custom graphics that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Designing Great Habits

We believe that growing up in a tidy, stress-free home will instill lasting habits for our kids as they are preparing to live on their own. After all, an organized space makes it so much easier to concentrate on schoolwork or playtime when needed.

If you have an older child heading off to college, packing them off with a bundle of cool and collapsible canvas storage bins will help them to keep their space clutter-free.

Or how about a vacation? If your teen is going on a camping trip, a Sleep-N-Pack is so much more portable than trying to juggle a sleeping bag amidst all of your other camping accessories.

And when you pick your young adventurer back up after their trip, you know what those other parents will be thinking?


'Why didn't I think of that?'