Bean Bag Chairs – Toys, Storage and Seating in one!

No one ever said that parenting was easy – but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. We've found that storage and seating solutions can make a world of difference when it comes to running a (reasonably) ordered household.

Of course, kids bring chaos (that's their job!) but functional bean bags can balance fun and creativity with organized storage for a happy, healthier home.

Color Crazy

Color is important when it comes to choosing bean bag chairs for kids. Big, bold, primary colors just scream out 'play with me’!
For even more of a ‘wow’ factor, a metallic cover can add sparkle and shine – perfect for children's and teen's rooms.
Mimish bean bag chairs and poufs have been thoughtfully designed to tie into a variety of rooms!

Game on!

One of the greatest things about bean bags is that children find their own ways to play with them. And being so soft and durable, you don't have to worry about grazed knees, bumped heads, or broken vases.
A storage bean bag chair can be a pirate ship – complete with stowed treasure (pieces of eight, me hearties!), a doll village, a stuffed toy zoo, or a million other action-packed activities. It never ceases to amaze us how many uses the kids can find for a bean bag chair.
If the creative juices do run dry, here's a fun memory game you can try: gather a dozen or so toys or other child-friendly objects, place them in the bottom of the bean bag chair or storage pouf and give your child some time to memorize them. Then cover up the chair or pouf while slipping out one of the items. Open the lid again and have your child guess which item has gone missing.

Tidy up Time

We love the way that storage bean bags make it easy for our kids to tidy up after themselves.
Our children know which is 'their bean bag,' so there is no excuse for them to leave toys outside of the bag. With large colorful zippers, mimish makes cleanup more fun and easier than ever.
Bean bag storage is so versatile! Hard and soft toys alike can be safely stowed and external pockets are ideal for hiding away smaller items (batteries, marbles, dice, toy coins, etc.). Getting older children into the habit of picking up their items helps build a sense of responsibility as well as keeping crawling babies and curious pets safe.

Settling Down

It can be super handy to have a separate storage pouf or bean bag chair solely for bedtime stories, comforters, lullaby CDs and other 'quiet time' activities. To avoid stimulation, bean bags with neutral or pastel shades are best to signal time to relax, read, and enjoy a restful night (for both kids and parents alike!).