Bean Bags: For All Ages!

Today, we want to bust the myth that bean bags are only for toddlers and little kids. Yes – 'cool' teens love them too!

Why buy a bean bag for teens?

It’s great to have an outdoorsy-day with our kids, but let’s be real – teens spend much more time indoors than when they were younger.

Are video games the culprit?! Whether it’s consoles or tablets, we usually find that parents have seen at least one of these from their kids:

  • Games scattered all over the floor
  • 'Mom, I can't find the controller!'
  • Fighting over the comfy chair
  • Teenagers lying on the floor (seriously, did we do that?)

These problems can all be solved with functional bean bags that double up as storage.

Bean bag gamer chairs will be a favorite for parents and teens alike because they can be placed anywhere in your living spaces (leaving the grown-up chairs free!) and can hold everything from controllers, batteries, to entire gaming consoles.

No more excuses for uncleanliness. Your seat – your responsibility!

Bean bags are cool (at least ours are!)

Bright, bold, colorful bean bags are perfect for younger kids, but it seems that style always needs an upgrade as high school rolls around!

Fortunately, mimish’s versatile line of storage furniture is guaranteed to impress.

For example, check out our luxurious cozy sherpa bean bag loungers. These designer bean bags are perfect for showing off your style at sleepovers and movie nights. And of course, having a second sleep n pack around makes having friends over all the more effortless and enjoyable!

Lounger or pouf – or both?

So you've checked out our line of stylish bean bags, but you're not sure whether your teen would prefer a bean bag lounger, original bean bag, or a storage pouf.

Loungers are best if your teenager is going to be using it mainly for sitting and relaxing. They are thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort (you will find yourself crashing out on it when the kids are out – we guarantee!).

But if storage is your main concern or you already have plenty of comfy seating, a pouf is a bit smaller and can be tucked away in the corner of the room or even under a bed.

Of course, you can have both – they fit together perfectly! Just like an ottoman, a storage pouf can function as a handy footrest that will compliment any living situation.

Not into bean bag chairs? No problem

Yeah, bean bag chairs and poufs may not be for every teen (or parent). But if you love the idea of combined comfort and storage, then fear not!

Our line of storage pillows never disappoint--they provide super convenient storage while adding an extra bit of luxury to your living room.

As with all mimish products, we have put a lot of work into ensuring each style speaks to all age groups while providing parents with smart storage solutions. Just check out our popular 'artist' themed designs; they are divided into three multi-colored panels with gorgeous color options including charcoal, olive, vanilla bean, cotton candy, golf green and vintage plum.

Each pillow’s zippers are colorful and vibrant, making them easy to find (and easy to love!).

Your older teen might also appreciate our incredibly portable storage bins which can easily be thrown into a suitcase and set up in a dorm or first off-campus home!

Isn't it amazing how far the simple bean bag has come since we were kids?