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We speak to boys and girls about their interests without focusing on stereotypical gender specific roles. Our girls and boys can be any combination of our “Character Personalities”.

-The Dreamer, The Artist, The Scientist, The Athlete and The Naturalist

- Our line is developed with these interests in mind for boys and girls.

- All “Character Personalities” are merchandised to mix-n-max.


Mimish designs are comfortable, fun and easy to use. Our patented storage bean bags solve the problem many of us have, limited space. They easily store and hideaway seasonal clothes, blankets, books, gadgets, toys, etc. With three sizes to choose from, there is a storage beanbag to fit in every room. Each size is available in a range of colors and fabrications. Our Core Colors are omni-seasonal and will never go out of style.
This year we are happy to introduce new products to the mimish collection: *Storage Pillows, *Storage Bins and coming soon, mimish *Storage Sleeping Bags and Bedding. All designs maintain a functional storage component, in keeping with our brand DNA. Our unique and functional designs are gender and age neutral.
Each fabric, color, stitch, zipper and trim have been meticulously selected for function and design. 
We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.
Fill It, Zip It, Sit On It 
*patent pending


Mimish was launched in 2013 by Andrea Soto-Camacho. A mom and child therapist, Andrea invented the Storage Beanbag Chair after a search for a storage solution for her kids’ toys was frustrating and unsuccessful. So, Andrea solved the problem and invented the Storage Beanbag. She patented the design and mimish, the company, was born.

In 2016, Andrea partnered with Jennifer Laforest. Jennifer has over 17 years experience in merchandising, sales and brand management. Their children attend the same school in Brooklyn, NY.  Andrea and Jennifer are passionate about cultivating opportunities for women in business and curating a culture in business that values talent and drive, respect, collaboration and support of work/life balance for women and families. Together they are focused on making innovative products that are affordable and that clear some of the clutter from our daily lives. Mimish has grown into a full lifestyle brand with new product categories that stay true to our original mission: make innovative products with quality, style, function and fun!


Andrea was born and raised in Costa Rica. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurial women. Her mom and aunts grew up poor in Costa Rica. They utilized their strength, intelligence and support for each other to build a successful chain of bakeries and cafes. They’ve built a legacy for their families and have worked tirelessly to create opportunities for women in business throughout Costa Rica. Mimish, inc. is the next generation of women-owned business for the Camacho family. It is named for Andrea’s daughter, Camila. “Mimish” is Camila’s nickname.

Jennifer was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She comes from a mixed-race family. Her father passed away when she was three, leaving her mom a single parent to two daughters. Jennifer’s mother raised her children to be independent, work hard, study hard, and never let any one get in the way of accomplishing their goals and dreams. They were lower-middle class economically, however, rich in love and support. Jennifer’s mother taught her to value diversity and the contributions made by women; whether at home or in the boardroom.

The sky is the limit for all of us, without borders or limitations. We hope to empower and encourage our team, our children, friends, community and particularly young women -  to express our unique selves and live up to each of our own individual potential. 

We’re reinventing storage and making products with room to grow.