Plant a Backyard, Balcony or Windowsill Garden This Spring with Your Kids.

Spring with Your Kids.

Help your kids grow by growing a garden!

Spring is finally here after the long winter months! Whether you have a backyard or a small patio or balcony, bringing life to your outdoor space can create positive vibes and happy memories for you and your family..
Studies have shown that gardening can increase levels of serotonin- the chemical in the brain that induces feelings of happiness. Not only is this great for adults, but it has proven to show great psychological benefits in kids & teens! If you’re like us & the task of getting your kids to get excited about doing something they THINK sounds like a chore, can be a very loooong negotiation. Fear Not! - Grab your kids and head out to your local Farmer’s Market or Garden Shop (try to shop local, we promise you won’t regret it!) choose a cool pair of gardening gloves and they’ll be hooked! 
First things first - set the tone for the day. We like to bring a portable speaker outside and play our family favorites! Why not have a little dance party mixed in with the Garden-ing Party. While dancing away we suggest mapping out the garden. A rough draft is all you need. Spark their inner landscape architect and doodle out a garden plan.  Things to consider include:
  • What types of plants did you choose  and where will you place them or lay them out - flowers, fruit, vegetables - or a combination of ALL of them! Some of our personal favorites are summer herbs, leafy greens, spicy peppers and fragrant colorful flowers . 
  • Will you use Pots and Containers, Beds or Planters? Start small, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. If you have a backyard you can put them right into the ground in a small designated area. Or if you have a small patio or balcony, a window box and some planters will work wonders
  • How are we going to care for them? Make sure you have the right amount of sun and shade for your specific plants. 
Let the kids browse and make the final selections. They will be invested in the garden if they decide what to grow. We suggest making a shopping list for essentials: soil, digging and planting hand tools, seeds/seedlings and watering can. Let the kiddos shop around for what they want to plant. Just remember to check to make sure your plants are compatible with the amount of sun/shade in your outdoor space.
Next - Get your kids, tools, soil and gardening gloves and dig in and start planting! Gardening engages all five senses, builds fine motor skills and maybe best of all… it’s a screen-free activity you can do and enjoy together.
Bring a plate of healthy snacks, fresh lemonade or water to stay hydrated and refreshed while you work. Take breaks, remember to laugh and have fun! Once everything is planted and seeds are tucked into their pots and beds, fill up the watering can and water your new garden, careful not to over-water! If it’s a sunny and warm day - sprinkle the water on the kids too… but better be ready for a water fight!!! 
Lastly, delegate and share the responsibility of daily watering. Filling up the watering can from the tap or a hose can be a fun after-school activity.
In a couple of weeks you’ll see the beginnings of your garden. Make meals using the literal fruits of your labor. You’ll love the look of accomplishment on your kids’ face when they smell the first bloom or taste the first tomato, herb or hot & spicy pepper!