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mimish in the Press: What People Are Saying About Us

When there are a hundred new products available each day, how do you know what’s a good product and what’s crap? Is that new sweater blanket a good investment or should you spend your money on the huge knit blanket instead? 

When it comes to mimish, you don’t have to wonder if our products are worth it because you don’t have to take our word for it. You can hear all about us from consumers and professionals across the storage industry by heading to mimish in the press.

So, what are people saying about our products?

Winning Invention

Katie Couric labeled our storage beanbag her “Winning Invention.” It was judged the winner by a panel of judges from the reality show, Shark Tank. The judges said that mimish was the most innovative and had the most potential. Watch the video.

Worth Every Penny 

Gizmodo also put mimish in the press, claiming that our storage beanbags are “worth every penny.” They explained that you don’t have to waste closet space storing seasonal outfits with mimish. Instead, you can repurpose them as a comfortable place to sit. 

They went on to explain how our beanbag storage works; describing the upper half as your standard beanbag while “in its base, you’ll find a giant cavernous space.” 

Creative Idea 

Readers over at Pop Sugar were “ga ga” for our storage beanbag. They loved that our beanbag was filled with post-consumer recycled beans up top while the bottom has 5,650 cubic inches of space for storage. They especially loved the possibility of a functional, kid-friendly place to put out-of-season clothes and soft toys. 

In fact, 84% of readers said, “I love this creative idea for storing the kids’ toys! 

Instant Storage

At Houzz, they recognized that mimish brings together neatness and creativity to set up an amazing kids’ play space and colorful storage all at the same time. They called our beanbag a “clever seat,” and the “kids’ version of a storage ottoman.”

Great Gift 

Over at Kiwi Magazine, you can find mimish in the press as part of a Green Gift Guide.  Our storage beanbag was recommended as one of the top 60 gifts that you should buy this year and last.

Eliminate Clutter in Style

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter in style without adding extra shelves or buying more storage bins, Red Tricycle recommends our mimish storage beanbags. What they loved the most about our beanbag is that it’s made of micro-suede material that’s fully-washable and spot-cleanable cotton. They called it “simple storage that looks good.” 

More mimish in the Press…

  • Parents Magazine called our products “clutter eaters.” They also talked about our durable microsuede and cotton fabrics standing up to wear and tear.
  • mimish also showed up in the Secrets of Getting Organized magazine under a great kid-friendly strategy for tackling clutter.
  • We were a “great find” in Small Room Decorating magazine and DNA Info New York called our beanbag storage a “chair for tiny apartments.”

Reviews from Our Customers

As for the reviews you most want to read, our customers are also loving mimish.

  • Ben said he was “delighted” with his storage lounger. He continued saying, “Glad to have ordered it. My daughter loves it!”
  • Kristen Jones called our storage lounger an “excellent solution to clutter.” She also said, “It’s so cool to see an old problem dealt with in such a clever way.”
  • Miesha said our storage beanbag had “loads of space.” She also talked about how she loves how “thick and strong the material on these bags are.”
  • Tiff Williams called our storage beanbag “ideal” and bought one for herself while she ordered a pouf for her daughter.


What do you think of mimish? Let us know by leaving a review on our website or writing your own article about mimish in your blog!


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