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Product Highlight: Storage Poufs

by Alysa Polczynski on July 18, 2018

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, keeping your house cleaned and picked-up is exhausting. We barely have the energy when we get home from the office to spend time with our families, help with homework, and eat a healthy meal. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t love a clean and organized house as much as the next person. The key is to make cleaning and organizing a breeze. 

A chair is just a chair except at mimish, where our mimish storage pouf is far more than meets the eye. It’s an ottoman, chair, and hidden storage container all in one. It’s functional furniture for the modern family.


All About the mimish Storage Pouf

The mimish storage pouf is a seat, footrest, and small closet in one neat little package. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, the pouf works perfectly in playrooms, living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. When not in use, you can throw it in a corner and use it solely as storage but, at a moment’s notice, it’s always there and ready to be used as an extra seat.

"Our goal when creating the mimish storage pouf was to design something that made it easier and more convenient than ever to keep your space clean and clear."

It’s our go-to product when you need a quick pick-up option. We use it in our office to hide extra electronics, including Disney movies, that we need quick access to but don’t want to leave lying around. And we use it in our living room to keep toys out of sight before they start to take over everything!

The storage pouf is also perfect for our kids’ rooms. Nothing makes cleanup more of a breeze than being able to toss a bunch of toys into the bottom of the pouf, and then zipping it all out of sight. There’s no carefully arranging stuffed animals on a shelf or perfectly stacking books. You just toss it and forget it!


  • 12’ height x 20’ width
  • 12 colors from metallic to beige, green, pink, and blue.
  • Mix-and-match color and fabric possibilities.
  • 100% cotton or 100% polyester options
  • Detachable bottom for small stand-alone pouf

Reasons to Love the mimish Storage Pouf

Storage Space 

As busy working moms, we know that there’s no such thing as too much storage. Sometimes, it seems like our homes grow junk. Every time we turn around we find more toys, books, clothes, and accessories that we don’t even remember buying! The problem is that our homes don’t grow at the same rate, but with the mimish storage pouf they don’t have to.

Designed for small rooms that need more space and storage, the pouf can hold soft and hard items alike in its base, and you can stuff until the zipper is almost bulging (our sturdy zipper is designed to take a beating and keep zipping). In our storage poufs, we’ve been able to cram an entire shelf of books, a bucket of stuffed animals, a basket of Legos, a bed full of dolls, and a hanging closet full of winter clothes. 

The storage possibilities are only limited by your imagination. And if your imagination isn’t big enough, just ask your kids. 

Extra Seating 

When it comes to small rooms, there never seems to be enough of anything. You can add a bed and dresser, but forget the chair or you’ll have no play area. Or you can set up a great desk and work area, but forget about having a place where your kid can hang out in the office with you. That’s where the mimish storage pouf swoops in to save the day.

Our small stand-alone pouf can fit into the smallest corner and be pulled out for extra seating whenever it’s needed. We love using the pouf for reading time before bed in our kid’s room or as a comfortable seat for craft time in the office. And the best part is that when it’s not used as a seat, it’s still useful as a storage container. 

Bold Design

The mimish storage pouf was created with your happiness in mind. With twelve different color options as well as two unique fabrics (cotton and cozy sherpa), there’s a style for every home. For the living room, you can purchase the unobtrusive vanilla bean pouf while your teenage son can go crazy with a metallic pouf and your daughter will love her bright hibiscus pink pouf. 

Our mimish storage pouf can be as bold or as subtle as you are. You can even mix-and-match the tops and bottoms for even more fun!

Avoid the nightmare of stacking, organizing, and keeping everything neat. With our storage pouf you can hide it all away making clean up a breeze!