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 Bean Bag Chairs for Kids and Teens (plus Other Storage Ideas)

by Andrea Soto on October 16, 2018

A bean bag is just a bean bag, right?

Not in our home!

If you walk through our rooms you will find bean bags of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

If you've never come across a mimish bean bag chair or pouf before, then it's time you discovered their incredible functionality and aesthetic design.

A bean bag lounger is basically an oversized bean bag for people of all ages: teens, younger kids, and even busy parents hoping to kick back and relax after a hard day at work.

A bean bag pouf is smaller (think kids' ottoman) and ideal for resting your feet on or for younger kids to play with.

But that's not all! Both bean bag chairs and poufs also double up as storage. We love that it helps keep our busy home as clutter-free as possible. The items in the compartment below can be conveniently zipped away out of sight. Younger children can store books, fluffy toys, and colorful blocks, while older children can pack sports equipment, make-up and (of course) video game controllers in a nice and neat package.

And don't worry about crushing anything precious. The bean bag chairs are designed to protect your belongings while also making your home look cleaner, and happier than ever.

Any Color for Any Home

Functional bean bags are great, but if they are going to be a permanent fixture in your home, then they have to look good as well. For younger children, bright and vibrant cotton bean bags are perfect. If your child can associate keeping their rooms neat and tidy with having fun, everybody wins!

However, they soon grow into teenagers with a developed fashion sense. Designer bean bags with contrasting zippers have a particularly unique look that appeals to teens.

Others prefer bean bag loungers with muted tones and layered with luxurious fabrics. They look classy and are heavenly to sink into. What's not to love?

All of these different styles can be mixed and matched with other bean bags to create a consistent theme throughout the home. Light and airy cotton candy pink; dark, no-nonsense charcoal; contemporary software gray – with so many designs and color combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless for a well-decorated home.

More Storage Options

Storage bean bags are not the only way to keep the kids’ rooms clutter-free. Storage pillows are always fun to throw in the mix! They are just as comfy as large bean bag chairs and also come in a range of unique designs and vibrant colors. With handy zippable compartments or buttoned pockets, storage pillows can become a new home for your child's favorite toy, book, video game controller, doll... you name it. Once you've decided what you want to store in them, storage pillows will become an indispensable part of your home – and we speak from experience!

Canvas storage bins are amazing if you have to move around (e.g. going on vacation or away to college). They are light to carry and easy to fold away, yet are versatile and durable with their zippered pockets and sturdy canvas material.

If you're looking around your room now and seeing bits and pieces lying all over the floor or bursting out of drawers, cabinets and ugly plastic buckets, you now know there is another way. Invest in some stylish soft storage – you won't regret it!