Megan C.:
“The storage beanbag arrived last night and all three kids went NUTS over it. Here is my son enjoying it today while big sisters are at school.”

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Havona Madama:
“As a mom, lawyer and start-up business owner, finding time to organize the toys of my two daughters was difficult. I needed a quick clean up solution for my living room. That is when I was lucky to find the Toy Storage Beanbag.  Secreting away dolls, doll clothing and stuffed animals, the chair also provides additional seating.  My only regret is not buying two, my daughters are constantly fighting over who gets to sit where and when on the bag.”

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Antonio D: 
“Our son is obsessed with his storage beanbag. He stores his beloved “blankies” inside and jumps up and down on it all day. As we live in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City, this is a great storage solution for a small space like ours. We use it mainly for toy storage.

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Sybille Zimmermann:
“We received our dusty rose mimish Storage Beanbag as a baby shower gift and it immediately became an extra cushion for friends to sit on even  before we had the baby. Once our baby girl arrived we started using it as storage for all the clothes we thought she will never grow into.We also used it as an early baby seat, it snuggled and held our Fiona securely in her early months.It is in daily use for Fiona to sit by herself or sit together and read stories and look at books. And now it became storage solution at our small space to all the clothes she is growing out so quickly. It is not only practical but as an Interior Designer I am very picky what I place into the nursery and my home, I absolutely love the design and color of our mimish Storage Beanbag. I highly recommend it to all the parents out there.”


Anna Campanelli:

“This product is genius… and not just for the children’s rooms for toy storage. The material is soft and lush and the look of it is expensive. The kids have contests to see who can jump on it the highest and my husband naps on it in the evening. But the Storage Beanbag keeps its shape and the items inside never get damaged. “



“Oh how wonderful to have mimish Storage Beanbags solving the overflow of grandchild clutter in my living room.  There’s one for toy storage and one for children’s books.  The beanbags provide easy toy and book access for the grand kids with equal ease for the grandparents to hide it all fast when the little darlings go home.  And the quality is so high that the beanbags look good even in a nicely-decorated living area. I highly recommend the Storage Solution Beanbag to all grandparents, especially as a storage solution for small space!”


Valeria Soto:

“The beanbag is sitting  in my room and I use it for storing bed sheets, pajamas and clothes I never wear. Usually other people sit in it to relax, watch TV, read etc… its beautiful and really comfortable.”


From a Los Angeles mom of two: 

“Its rare that a product can be both practical and fun at the same time. My kids love the mimish Storage Beanbag.  When it arrived, my 9 year old daughter grabbed it, unzipped it, and quickly started putting all those stuffed animals (that she rarely plays with) that had been clogging up her bed for the last few years.  My 7 year old son runs and jumps on it and uses it as stepping stool to get to the top of their bunk beds.  I love it because it reduces our clutter and makes changing their beds a whole lot easier!  Thank you mimish!”

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Samantha K.:

“I got the micro-suede  in navy blue. I LOVE the color and texture. I stuffed it full of a queen sized feather duvet, 2 queen sized blankets and 4 throw blankets. You wanna hear the kicker? There’s still room for more stuff inside it!  I am absolutely ecstatic about the amount of space there is in the compact bean bag.  The other really great thing about the mimish is that it is great looking! My husband and I play a lot of board games on the coffee table which always left one of us sitting low on the floor. Not anymore! The mimish is the perfect height! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish storage solution for a small space!”